Are you looking for an impression, gifts, ideas that would surprise your friends, acquaintances, relatives? We offer you an original gift.
We offer you to purchase a Gift Coupon for the driving school "Autoketas" and make your relatives, loved ones or colleagues happy on their birthday, name day, St. Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day and other special occasions.


⦁ Come to the branch of the driving school "Autoketas" and pay for it here. There is no limit to the amount of gift voucher money. You will receive the gift voucher immediately.
⦁ Order online, by e-mail or by phone 867449696 on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
⦁ After ordering a gift voucher, transfer the amount of money to be donated to our checking account LT78 7044 0600 0803 1555, located at AB SEB bankas, b/k 70440 Payee - Driving school "Autoketas", company code 304054945, after that, or pay in cash upon collection. Inform about the payment method by phone or e-mail when ordering the coupon.
⦁ After receiving payment confirmation from the bank, you can collect the Gift Voucher at the branch of the driving school where it was ordered.
⦁ For her, the Gift Coupon was ordered online, by e-mail or by phone, upon collection, the customer must present an identity document and a receipt for the payment of the Gift Coupon.


1. The Gift Voucher of the driving school "Autoketas" (hereinafter referred to as the "Gift Voucher") confirms the advance payment and entitles the holder of the Gift Voucher to use the service provided by the driving school "Autoketas" in accordance with the procedure provided for in these rules. The gift voucher must be presented before signing the contract for the service.
2. The Gift Coupon confirms the Gift Coupon holder's right to use the amount and/or service specified in the Gift Coupon. The holder of the gift voucher can use any branch of the "Autoketas" driving school, but only the service specified in the gift voucher.
3. In the gift coupon, it is necessary to fill in the amount of the purchased service and/or the name of the purchased service.
4. The gift voucher can be used to pay for the services provided at any branch of the driving school "Autoketas".
5. The validity period of the gift voucher is 6 months from the day of its purchase.
6. If the Gift Coupon was not used during its validity period, it is considered no longer valid and the money for the unused Gift Coupon will not be returned.
7. The gift voucher can be transferred to a third party.
8. The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for money.
9. In the event that the Gift Voucher is used to pay for services whose price exceeds the amount of money specified in the Gift Voucher, the missing purchased part of the service price can be paid in cash and/or by payment order.
10. If the Gift Coupon holder purchases services for a lower amount than specified in the Gift Coupon, the remaining amount will not be returned to the Gift Coupon holder.
11. A gift coupon can only be used once to pay for services. After presenting the Gift Voucher to pay for services, the Gift Voucher is not returned to its holder.
12. In the event that the Gift Coupon is damaged, soiled, torn or otherwise damaged and as a result it is not possible to identify the Gift Coupon number, the specified amount of money, stamps, signatures or holograms, the Gift Coupon cannot be used to pay for services, such Gift Coupon cannot be exchanged and it is non-refundable.


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